Friday, 6 May 2011

may, 6th - 15 months....

day 453:

15 months old today. so...the 15 month round-up....

Dimensions & Weight:
Length - 80.3 cm
Foot Length - 12.7 cm
Hand Length - 10.2 cm
Ear Length - 6 cm (no change)

Hair - lots of hair..with curls....

Teeth - a new tooth and plenty of four on the bottom and four on top
Weight - not sure

Words - dada, mama, baba, duck, dog, uh-oh, bye-bye, bubbles, toes, more, baby, shoes, door, nose, eyes, hat, ball, doll, zozo (for zozo the zebra), pup (for up), nono (for my mum), nana (for una, the doll), mimi (for limi) and an obsession with row-row (as in row-row-row your boat......) 

***oops, forgot these ones: tah, light, boo, horse, uh-oh, wow

This Month's Likes & Dislikes:

Likes -

  • dogs {see day 436}
  • hiding things and then we have to it under your foot? (lifts foot), is it behind your ear? (pulls on ear), on your head? (pats her head), under your arm? (lifts arm) etc. etc.......we can play this for ages
  • us entertaining her with renditions of row-row-row your boat.....with actions
  • swimming with penguins at boulder's beach {see day 438}
  • in fact, just swimming....loves swimming and underwater dips.....

  • dive-bombing pillows....still
  • walking...everywhere
  • blowing rasberries....yes, seriously, STILL...
  • reading to us
  • touching the sky when up on A.'s shoulders
  • cousins {see day 439}
    • being a flower girl {see day 440}
    • seeing plenty of wild dogs {see day 443}
    • doing up clips....especially in the pram

    Dislikes -

    • growing teeth....still
    • sitting in a buggy when you could be walking instead
    • coming home after a holiday {see day 447}


    1. she is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love her lacy tank in the photos. Sweet, sweet baby.

    2. So so beautiful ... loving those little curls and the lace top !!!

    3. i love the way you document her growth (and she is such a doll!) you have created such a beautiful space here...i love little one is approaching one year, it's cool to see the similarities and differences from another part of the world.


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