Thursday, 26 May 2011

may, 26th - yours truly....

day 473:

i promised some more of this lovely coffee spot in Cape Town on day 436. it's called Yours Truly and stands out from the crowd on Long Street. when i was a student in Cape Town, we would frequent Mr Pickwicks, a cafe on the very same street, for late night foraging and their baked cheesecake. it doesn't surprise me that Daniel Holland, who started Yours Truly, used to waiter at Mr Pickwicks. it has the same African heart and European flavour.....although, whereas Mr P was a bit grunge on the edges, Yours Truly is a seriously beautiful space.

it only opened last year but seems to already have plenty of fans and that's probably down to the lovely buzz and friendliness that you experience as you walk through the door.....i was sad that we were tight for time because i could definitely have stopped, sipped my coffee and just enjoyed the energy.

it also serves delicious looking sandwiches....and reading about Daniel, his ethos is about sourcing from local suppliers and supporting the really, he's as responsible as he is lovely. often when i ask if i can take pics, people can get a bit funny....but with Daniel he was so friendly that i felt completely inspired.

if you're in Cape Town (or if you're not, make a detour), support this place....they deserve all the good things coming to them.


  1. love these. the cafe looks very appealing.

  2. next time, i'll definitely be lingering over a coffee.

  3. Thank you so much for the lovely write-up!


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