Sunday, 29 May 2011

may, 29th - hackney city farm....

day 476:

heehaah. what a great day.

we discovered another absolute gem in London {via lovely friend, Bonnie}.....Hackney City Farm. it's smack in the middle of East London and very close to this and this and this. and somehow, after all this time in London it completely escaped my notice.........

it's a perfect mix of farmyard and quirky english eccentricity. in between the pigs, ducks, chickens, straw and lambs, there was photoshoot going on and the sound of cars in the background. it's not a petting farm, it's really more the real deal...standing at the fence looking at ducks frolicking in the bath....or running across a cobbled courtyard scattering chickens.

it felt just like a visit to a farm of some slightly, shambolic relatives who look after their animals like children (it's a very happy and healthy farmyard) . unsurprisingly....Limi loved it. 

[this is after Limi joined the ducks splashing in a puddle]

sometimes you do something once and think although that was fun, you wont be rushing back. HCF is definitely worth more than one visit.

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  1. I just found your blog via 16 House - so glad I did!
    That little city farm is incredible - I used to live very close by! xx


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