Wednesday, 18 May 2011

may, 18th - day in paris - part II....

day 465:

Paris, Part I {see day 464}

1pm: strolling through alleys and along the Seine to reach lunch in The Marais.....

love those glasses.....

chatting to a local at the table next to us we found out that on a tuesday, Parisian restaurants all receive their fresh produce for the week, so tuesday is the best time to have lunch in the city. all these tables were full...we just lingered until the locals had all headed back to work.

if you order the chocolate mousse at Chez Janou, they bring the bowl and you can serve up your own civilised.

love the detail.

6pm: headed back to London on the Eurostar. what a beautiful day.

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  1. How divine ... my friend is married to a Frenchman and makes the best chocolate mousse and .... always serves it in a big bowl !!!
    Beautiful photos Dee.


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