Tuesday, 31 May 2011

may, 31st - leila's....

day 478:

we went to Leila's over the weekend.....i've been really looking forward to going. it sort of lived up to expectations...it was crammed and you share tables with relaxed locals, which i love. the food was farm fresh. some highs were the beetroot with feta and crunchy english peas.....still in their pods. the minus was that it was seriously not toddler friendly (except for the distracting pea shelling).....and i felt almost uncomfortable being there with Limi. after hiding her in the corner, i still found Leila and her waitrons pretty unwelcoming.......but hey, it was worth a try. (and if you can visit without a small child, on possibly not such a busy day, then perhaps you will have a completely different experience). i still love what they are all about. 

and hey, it couldn't dampen our enjoyment of a lovely three day weekend.


  1. I've seen a few things about Leila's and I love the concept of it ... shame about the attitude (nothing beats friendly service)

  2. That's a pity. it is a great place. I absolutely love the food. The fried eggs with sage and the simple sandwiches and great coffee. Saying that, I've never found the service over friendly, even without a cute little toddler. I think it's time for us to hunt out some new places!

  3. PS. Have you tried The Breakfast Club in Hoxton? We've only been there once, but we liked it and they have a do a killer pastrami sandwich!

  4. i agree mandy, i was almost more glum because i had heard such great things. louise, you are my knowledge on all things fab in East London....after all, you introduced us to Maltby Street. i've heard of The Breakfast Club but haven't tried it yet. also like the sound of The Railroad in Hackney.

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