Monday, 14 February 2011

feb, 14th - valentines day....

A.'s valentine gift to me this year....homemade dessert

day 373:

although A and i we love going to restaurants (fine dining, budget canteen, quirky long as the proprietors are passionate about what they do....then we love them all in equal measure). but we don't venture out on valentine's day....on valentine's day, every type of restaurant suddenly becomes a theme and you feel like you're dining in noah's ark - 2 by 2 by 2 by 2. you're usually so crammed in that you may as well be sitting at a long communal table.

for us, asking the person at the table next to you to stop jabbing your ribs with their elbows, really kills the romance. the last couple of years, we've ignored valentine's day to focuse on our wedding anniversary instead but this year i'm suggesting a new valetine's day that we can share with Limi in the future...

a big bowl of popcorn, pink juice for everyone, handmade hearts  and an old classic movie...maybe one day we will find ourselves back in a warm climate and can even watch the movie outside on a big sheet whilst sitting on a picnic blanket.....

for this's ugg boots and His Girl Friday.

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