Saturday, 5 February 2011

feb, 5th - hip, hip, hooray....

day 364:

so limi threw her second party (this was her first one) and LOVED it. what was really sweet were her spontaneous giggles throughout the day (as if every now and then she just looked around the room and thought ha ha...look how many people are crammed into my playroom). she retired to her room for a nap half way through but then came back to 'play' some more......

the Shoebox coped with 25 adults and 10 kids (although....we did stagger things so that the Formula crowd arrived first and were followed by the Champagne crowd late on)

here are some scenes from  the day.....

the beautiful otis fawn (pre-sugar high)

wolf masks and literary references...(seriously only just noticed that i bought a wolfgang book....)

birthday girl.

still freezing winter we created a 'forest' garden (okay...well lawn) inside instead

wolf 'gangs' everywhere

babies threading their way between a sea of adult legs......

and lots and lots of laughter.....

a wonderful day......and night. we squeezed every last drop out of the celebration and tumbled into bed at midnight...not bad for a party that started at 2pm......(of course the birthday girl was fast asleep by 7:30pm!)

ps. a BIG thanks you to my mum, A, jae and kate for all their help!

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