Tuesday, 8 February 2011

feb, 8th - word of mouth....

day 367:

word of mouth is a wonderful thing.....i love finding out about some extraordinary thing through talking to a friend.....and of course with the power of the internet you get to hear about so much more.....my early Hipstamatic addiction (see day 115) was through a friend of a friend posting some incredible pics on fb......

and today, on reflecting that this blog is now just over 1 year old (my very first post on day -1)....i thought about how many other inspiring blogs i have found through 'word-of-mouth' blog posts along the way (many through my favourite blog that i mentioned on day 282)

this blog takes my breath away.....i literally sigh when i open up the page......Pia Jane Bijkerk's photos are unbelievably beautiful. she's also created these so-my-kind-of-thing-sourcing-beautiful-things-from-out-of-the-way-places books for amsterdam and paris....

and the Amsterdam Made By Hand is  Limi's favourite book this week......well who wouldn't love looking at this special picture book.

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