Tuesday, 15 February 2011

feb, 15th - limi's cloak....

day 374:

my mum, Limi's lola, made this sweet limi-and-the-wolf cloak for her first birthday. i love it (of course i do....it's grey.) Limi can stick her hands through slits in the sides so it also gives me a great excuse to invest in arm warmers.

i love it not only because we selected our own grey wool and fine french-floral lining.....but because it brings back a flood of memories of my sister and i designing outfits and my mum whipping them up on her sewing machine.....always including a last-minute-stitching-dash to finish it and we'd normally be throwing it on second before dashing out the door (sometimes it even included being stitched into the outfit or a metal-detector-buzz of safety pins holding it all together (sorry liz hurley but we did it first...yes, the pins were on the inside....but sometimes they also ended up on the outside))

i can remember from about the age of six, my sister and i picking out our own fabrics and 'designing' outfits....and it hasn't stopped. since my imagination far exceeds my skills, I have to rely on my mum, my sister and my sister's incredible dressmaker in Hong Kong, Mrs Kwok. just see what happens when i try and do it myself - day 258

anyway, i hope that with my mum, my sister and mrs kwok's help.......i can bring the same sense of creativity and individualism to Limi's life......


  1. Oh my lucky Limi, it is so divine, love the grey, and what a creative beautiful family you have !!!
    Great post, love that shot on the swing.

  2. PS and the first shot of course, Limi is going to have the most amazing photos to look back on when she grows up.


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