Friday, 25 February 2011

feb, 25th - ceilings: part i......

day 384:

everyone has that something that makes them salivate when it comes to decorating.....for some it's floors: tiled, wooden boards, cement, painted...for others, it's walls: exposed brick, plastered, painted, distressed, adorned, unadorned.....for A., it's storage. show him a room and he will immediately be drawn to the book shelves, cupboards, hidden clutter (definitely due to living in a Shoe-box). anyway, for me it's ceilings.....

maybe it comes from lying in the grass as a child and starting into the blue African sky, or it might be because whenever i think deeply about something i subconsciously look up. it could be that it feels like the hidden part of the room, or my love of flying.......whatever it is, a beautiful ceiling will captivate me every time......

as a result....decorating the ceiling has always been a thread that has woven it's way through my homes and celebrations (see day 363). 

for our wedding, it was all about the ceiling. 

i didn't want cluttered tables....or extravagant bouquets of flowers that for me are so transient and wasteful..........i wanted to use found and created objects....a little bit of whimsical-imagination-let-loose....

i wanted the space above each table to be unique and with the help of the amazing group from Okasie, to transform our dinnertime ceiling into our own 'Sistine Chapel'.....

my sister and i collected things here and there and then gave Okasie free rein.......A. and i were blown away with the result.....literally wandering between tables trying to absord all the small details.

we loved everything about what they did.....(although if they had been able to incorporate a book shelf....A. would have been just that tiny bit more excited.)

anyway......what is your favourite part of a room?

[all pics by our wedding photographer: Jean-Pierre Uys]

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  1. that is so beautiful!!
    i like windows. i like a lot natural light coming into a room.


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