Wednesday, 16 February 2011

feb, 16th - family days....

day 375:

day of whimsical, pretty, delicious lunch at The Ledbury.


sweet conversation.

strolls around London neighbourhoods.

glimpses of meaning.

and an afternoon with a sweet companion - practising her stand-up....crouch down...stand-up....crouch down, in front of the mirror.

happy anniversary. and a happy family day to us.


  1. Dee can I do a little post about your blog, we really need to spread the word, it is so beautiful.

  2. Hi there! Not sure how to get a hold of you. Wanted you to know that I posted some images of your home (linked back to you of course) here,
    I love your home and your blog!!!! xxoo

    Kirsten Grove

  3. Thanks Mandy and Kirsten for the blog-love. Really appreciate your kind words (and lovely posts). dx


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