Tuesday, 22 February 2011

feb, 22nd - windows....

we've been blogged by my favourite blog-crush over at 16house today.
how lovely is that.

day 381:

we've been teaching Limi to wave and blow kisses and she's addicted......she blows kisses to check-out staff, people on red London buses, us when we walk into another room and even the mannequins in the shops. 

but my favourite time is in the morning when i walk out the door.....after waving and throwing kisses my way inside...she goes to the huge sash window that looks out onto the street and madly waves again...repeating it all when A. leaves.

she loves that window (and i do too. when we renovated - see day 376 - it was the single most costly thing we did. we now refer to it as the please-don't-throw-a-ball-through-this-window window) i love that it gives us a view of London. and changes through the seasons. and drenches us in sunshine like this.....

Limi could spend large chunks of time pressed up against this window waving at strangers passing by....whether they are on a bike, across the street or walking by just in front of her they get a shout of glee and some arm-flapping, enthusiastic waving.....

of course, it completely makes my day to sometimes come home to see a madly, grinning little face pressed up against the pane.....


  1. hello.... you had me at dumplings in hong kong and family tales in umbria...

    Such a delight to read a personal, honest and beautiful new blog.
    I love how you honor the relationship between you and your husband.
    And as a mother of a daughter too (now 12 and 3 quarters) it is lovely to look back over your delicious baby moments and tearily remember my own. You have so many wonderful years/times ahead. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. What beautiful photos of your daughter. I love the way you describe it all.

  3. that's great! congrats on 16house.


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