Thursday, 17 March 2011

mar, 17th - more lists....

day 404:

there's a constant flurry of list-making going on in my head.....these are lists of things that i would love Limi to experience, to learn about life and to grow up believing in......constantly growing, these lists are are a collection of my own own childhood,...things i've read....things i've learnt so far.......and things that i wish i had learnt soon.......

here's a few things off these lists in no particular order.......


  • tumbling into bed with an exhausted grin after a day spent at the beach swimming, running up and down dunes and digging holes
  • licking the cake mixing bowl clean
  • dancing till your feet hurt
  • falling in love and breaking up (because it makes you appreciate the former more)
  • camping
  • a messy mud fight
  • laughing so hard your stomach muscles hurt
  • coming first
  • coming last
  • delicious calamari on the deck at Chapman's Peak Hotel in Cape Town

  • to have a sense of humour
  • manners
  • how to accept a compliment graciously
  • how to say sorry graciously...and mean it
  • to be a team player but also confident as an individual
  • to be able to laugh at yourself
  • how to negotiate with a smile/ barter like a Berber woman
  • more than one language

Grow up believing in:
  • Love
  • Family
  • equality no matter who you are, where you live and what you believe in
  • individuality
  • the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas

what would you add to the list?


  1. Hi, I really enjoy your blog and gorgeous photos which remind me of all the things I adore about London. I brought my kids back to Aus about 18 months ago so they could know what it meant to be Australian. In the words of Nikki Gemmell (brilliant Aussie author), I wanted my kids to know a life where being barefoot was a symbol of freedom rather than poverty. We will return to London later this year when I look forward to checking out Maltby Street!

  2. I would add to the list...believing in Jesus Christ and His love, not only for your sweet, beautiful baby, but for the whole world.

  3. yay i love lists!
    hmmm, not much to add, pretty good list dee, i think i'll just add under 'experiences' splashing about in the rain in gumboots, cos that's what my boys are doing right now with their daddy :)


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