Wednesday, 16 March 2011

mar, 16th - street style....

day 403:

Maltby Street {posted on day 401 and day 400} is brilliant for people the aprons at Monmouth Coffee Company and those boots on the left....

do you ever see people and wish that you knew just know that you could be great friends? i do it all the time...i come home and tell A. that i bumped into a new best friend today....they just didn't realise it.

anyway, wish that i knew this couple......

seriously....i almost followed them home.

fabulous boots and rolled up khakis.

bought this jumpsuit for Limi in the Summer sales last year.....

and finally...the perfect pair of tights.


  1. I want to be friends with that couple too !!!

    Great street shots, such a breath of fresh air from the "fashion shots" everyone is doing.
    Little Limi's outfit is divine.

  2. Such a gorgeous post!

    If only you could perhaps just drop your shopping bag full of groceries (accidentally, sort-of)in front of their bikes, then you could all meet?!

  3. Ps.Do you know that you can get those aprons from Labour and Wait?

  4. I was there drinking my coffee yesterday, looking out the window and I saw that lovely couple strolling along with their bicycles! It was like your picture came to life.


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