Sunday, 27 March 2011

mar, 27th - more maltby....

day 414:

this cough has given me a husky throat.....and since i'm trying to save my voice for karaoke this week (anyone know the words to Turn Around by Bonnie Tyler?) really.....and i've already said enough about Maltby Street {see day 400} are some wordless pics from our latest visit on Saturday.


  1. Great pics once again Dee, that bread and those oysters ... yum !!!

  2. Just thought I'd add to d's post;

    The photo's of the delicious looking cheese and meats were from "The Ham & Cheese Co." and they were, indeed, delicious... I at the last of my stock last night so will have to probably head back to Maltby St. Again.

    The rolled pancetta* with fennel and the salami with fennel were both fantastic... both from near Montalcino in Tuscany if I remember correctly.

    (*I'm not sure it was technically a pancetta - I obviously wasn't listening hard enough! But it is delicious - if you ask the person serving you to point out the one made with fennel seeds picked by the mum of bloke in Italy that makes it, I'm sure he'll know which one I mean!)


  3. thanks mandy. and this has to be the first ever comment by A. :)


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