Thursday, 10 March 2011

mar, 10th - suitcases.....

day 397:

i'm looking for  a weathered, beaten up (in a good way) suitcase to contain Limi's ever expanding collection of favourite things, half of which are her can't-possibly-part-with boxes/ cartons/ containers......

i fell in love with this not-beaten-up-but-rather-loveliest-restored version by originallittlebird

they have the most incredible designs that remind me of my obsession with forests (see here and here),  wolves and red riding hood.....

pic: original little bird

ps. thanks for all the lovely blog-comments...have to say that comments make my-world-go, if you're out there, say will make my weekend. xx


  1. Hi! I really enjoy your blog...your awesome photography, especially of that beautiful little girl of yours!-Kristy in Virginia, USA

  2. i have been a follower/reader for a long time, not sure if i ever stopped to say "hello" :)

    so, hello!

    i love reading your blog and lissom is so precious!

  3. well, if comments make your world go round, then spin, friend, spin. your blog is wonderful. as is your photography. i love the images share. the colors are so rich and deep, and the life infused in them is warm and lovely. -kate, texas, usa.

  4. that suitcase is insanely lovely.

  5. Hi Dee,
    I'm an old school mate of yours - not sure if you will remember me. I am in love with your blog, not just the detailed photography, but also your way with words. It makes me smile...
    Let me know when you back in Cape Town and in need of a cup of tea.
    Warm wishes


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