Saturday, 26 March 2011

mar, 26th - bicycles....

day 413:

we managed to drag ourselves away from our sick beds and make the most of the weekend was the rest of London....on their bikes. whether they had rented a Boris Bike (nicknamed after our London Mayor)....or shined the leather on their seat and handles.....bicycles were out in force this weekend.

we made it back to Maltby Street {see days 400, 401 and 403}...more about that later in the week...yes, we're addicted (i blame Louise and Nivaldo) and also into the parks. East London is definitely the peddle-heart of the retro bike with leather accents and wicker baskets....

beautiful stitching, supple leather, shiny chrome and clean wicker......bicycle spotting was definitely easy on the eye this weekend.

do you think that it's too soon to get Limi a tricycle?


  1. so glad you were able to get darlings hope you are all feeling a whole lot will have! to start the sa way ::))) and get her a blue/black/purple/bright pink...... (dont know what other colours they come in) plastic scooter...altho those bikes do make one long to get and pedal away .... nostalgic xx

  2. What great looking bikes ... and photographs, I'm always drawn to bike pics, hope you are feeling better XXX


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