Saturday, 5 March 2011

mar, 5th - fresh air......

day 392:

we packed our bags this morning and headed to the English countryside to visit some good friends who have just moved into a new cottage......

A. and i both come from wide open spaces, so as soon as we see green fields, trees, the odd sheep and farm machinery.....our shoulders relax, our lungs fill with fresh air and we start exclaiming...'look limi, sheep, sheep in the field, baa baa baaaaaaa......' then we catch ourselves just in time before we start saying things like: 'maybe, we could commute to London'. 

it looks like Limi has inherited the same love of open spaces....and even copied a few of our 'baas' (we promise to stop encouraging the shouting of animal noises by the time she reaches six).

so, looking forward to sitting around an open fire this evening, catching up with james and my beautiful friend gen, who is six months pregnant with a playmate for Limi.


  1. I absolutely ADORE that first picture. Cute blog <3

  2. For some reason I missed this post ... Limi is sooo cute and your friend looks so healthy and glowing ... Oh and Limi's little cape looks so adorable too !!!


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