Wednesday, 9 March 2011

mar, 9th - limi's first house: part II....

day 396:

following this introduction to the Shoebox on day 376 here are a few more glimpses.......

our very plain and simple bedroom. 

after the clutter and vibrancy of London during the day, i love the idea of a very plain room to rest my whirring fact, this approach probably applies to the entire house......we're not necessarily minimalist, monochromatic people.....but London's noise dictates a desire for more simplicity at home.

although, there is still debate out on adding artworks and more colour.....for me, the picture view of the changing seasons out of our bedroom window is enough for the moment......

one of the best decisions we made was to get a customised, raised bed (for extra storage). we didn't think this far ahead, but it works really well with dressing Limi after back-straining bending over.

oh, and i love our built-in, bedside lights......something so satisfying about lights that just work without digging for the switch in the dark and then having the whole thing fall over on the bedside table and hit you in the head....been there.

another glimpse of our ensuite......i laugh when i see this pre-Limi that alcove is now full of brightly coloured, rubber ducks, fish, a collection of sponges, different soaps and stick-on-the-side-of-the-bath shapes.....again a happy accident that we have the alcove to store a whole menagerie of bath toys (every child-friendly bathroom needs an alcove)......(i'll include a pic of the bathroom post-Limi soon)

our shower room.......which gives me joy every day. a surprising London fact is that most small places don't have walk-in showers. after growing up in the Southern hemisphere both A. and i craved a proper shower......

in this pic (from the last post), the coffee table is made out of a wooden pallette that arrived with our bathroom tiles.....we attached some casters and now it's a magic-carpet sized, skating platform for Limi to whizz across the floor on......i love all the instructions and written scribbles.....

um *clears throat* that's the's not an ironic name......besides Limi's nursery and a few more views of the living space and little nooks and crannies, there's not much more to it. although, it does look a bit different now that we have blocks, chairs, buggies and toys adding some new design statements......i will include a 'post-Limi' insight soon.....


  1. again: love the photos. i feel relaxed just looking at the photo of your bedroom.
    love the coffee table -- we just bought a re-salvaged coffee table for $75 -- so you definitely got a deal!
    can't wait to see post limi pics of the shoebox!

  2. i'm in love with your beautiful home! that medallion on the ceiling is gorgeous!


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  4. Hello, I have just found your blog and I really like it. You have an amazing home, so many beautiful architectural details and I love the simple natural and white color scheme.

  5. I love everything, your ceilings, the decor ... gotta love that bed and the table made from the crate, clever you ... I would love to see it in it's "Limi" state too, I'm sure it would look amazing !!!
    That painting in pic 7, is that one of your works ? I meant to mention it before I am so in love with it.
    Dee, what camera do you use for your photography if you don't mind me asking ?

  6. What a beautiful space you have created. Love the freshness of the rooms. The pallette coffee table is so cool.

    Lol, all rubber duckies and bath toys in the bath here too!

  7. I love your house!! And especially the bedroom. It reminds me of a painting that I saw - the painting happened to be all white but was textured - that would be a good addition :)

  8. I'm so glad to find your blog via karine (B&F).... nice feeling here... I come back soon... have a nice evening!!


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