Thursday, 12 January 2012

jan, 12th - the power and the glory....

day 679:

another morning in Cape Town and another great breakfast spot. The Power & The Glory was walking distance from 'our' cottage {see day 670}. it's open till late and i can see why you would be quite tempted to stay there all day.....watching the would go by and drinking the amazing coffee.

we ordered the eggs.....and i loved the way that they simple, yet so effective. brilliant idea. although, i've always had a love affair with egg boxes......the endless possibilities for gluing together 'masterpiece' creations as a child has never quite gone this made me grin with childlike delight.

and Limi was fairly chuffed with her sprinkles on her babycinno....yes, people do say, what is the point of a babycinno......well, not sure except for the fact that it generally let's you eat your breakfast/ drink your own coffee uninterrupted and it makes her happy....which is good enough for me.

and it means that she can make a milk-beard which not encouraged but makes us laugh.

so, The Power & The Glory gets added to the breakfast collection. it's a great place to start (and I imagine end) the day......

The Power and The Glory 
Corner of Kloof Nek and Burnside Road
Cape Town
South Africa


  1. What a great looking place ... and those eggs, what a great idea, and the flag is divine, and as far as babycinno are concerned, very needed indeed, my kids always loved their babycinnos !!!

  2. the eggs! amazing presentation.
    photos are beautiful as always!

  3. Looks like she's enjoying her foam


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