Monday, 16 January 2012

jan, 16th - the breakfast club....

day 683:

on Sunday, we met some friends for brunch, at the The Breakfast Club.  it's another East London haunt and has just the right amount of lounge-room chic, vintage style and friendly service. asking for a babycinno was a mistake though, East London is way to cool to serve babycinnos. but once we explained, they did, with a big smile and a straw.

their breakfasts aren't timid. our tables' orders ranged from eggs benedict to a stack of pancakes to a breakfast burrito....the menu has a great selection.

these two were thrilled to see each other again and as always, it was great for us to catch up on each other's news. brunch with friends is such a good way to start a Sunday and The Breakfast Club does a brilliant one. 

Sunday Brunch might just be the new Friday Night Out.

a big plus with having toddlers, who drag you out of bed with the sunrise, is that you get to popular places before the big queues form. in East London, this is a good thing. as we were leaving, the queue had already started to snake out the door and down the road. 

this place is worth a wait though. especially for the very good coffee.


  1. love the girls' coats and boots- gorgeous little londoners!

  2. The girls look like they belong there--they are too cool for school!

    Looks like just the sort of place `i would like to go--will have to remember to get up early one sunday and go before the queue is snaking out the door!

  3. I was just around the corner from you at AllPress on Redchurch Street. I had a yummy breakfast there too and also all before it started getting busy. Louise.

  4. I just had to say that last photo is so ridiculously CUTE! Your daughter is adorable.

    I love breakfast -- it has to be my most favourite meal of the day.


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