Tuesday, 3 January 2012

jan, 3rd - haas collective....

day 671:

breakfast is always worth some effort in Cape Town, it's a town that takes its' coffee fairly seriously (a friend of a friend's coffee blog) and new places spring up all the time looking to attract the meeting-over-a-coffee entrepreneurs that seem to make up much of the city's population. we always look to Loula {see day 437} to point us in the right direction of what's new and inspiring. 

i'm not sure that Haas is that new but it's not a place that I've tried before....... Haas is the Afrikaan's word for hare/rabbit.......and this place definitely has a bit of the pull-the-rabbit-out-of-the-hat magic about it. It may be the tophats that the waitstaff wear or the oversized chairs that made me think of Alice in Wonderland.....although it is certainly the collection of beautiful objects and art that create a gallery space within the lounge area. 

i had a red cappucino (which is made with local rooibos herbal tea) and a baked egg and tomato flatbread followed by a browse of the wares. loved the space, the staff and sheltering from the belting rain outside. 

Haas is definitely one to keep in mind for next time, especially after I found out that these buck hooks came from there. 


  1. What is a red cappuccino like? Rooibos is such an unusual flavour.

  2. How divine and those chairs are quite Alice in Wonderland .... little Limi is looking a bit cute too !!!

  3. waouh! amazing portrait!

  4. Hi,
    Many thanks! The pics are beautiful! We love Haas, especially for the wonderful people who come through the doors! Hope to see you again!
    all the best
    Tess & the Haas team

  5. Feronia, I'm a big fan of the taste of rooibos and because it has quite a strong flavour, it works well as a cappucino, especially with the cinnamon blend dusting on top. Really love this cafe, not sure that the pics quite portray the lovely warm, creative vibe that you experience sitting in the space.


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