Sunday, 1 January 2012

jan, 1st - happy new year....

day 669:

Happy New Year!

Wow, what a year 2011 seems like it went by in a flash but looking back, so much has happened. it was a good year but i'm really looking forward to 2012. there are exciting projects on the horizon and it has the potential to be an amazing year. 

i've really loved blogging this year and thrived on all the inspiration that i get from the beautiful blogs that i read. people constantly amaze me with how creative, insightful and  motivated they are. i've met some wonderful and interesting friends through this space and even when i sometimes question putting so much of our life out there, i love the sense of community that comes with blogging and still having a reason to take pics that document our everyday.

the reason that i started this blog is still my main motivation and it means so much to me that friends and family feel more connected to Limi when they spend time with her.

may your 2012 be a year filled with happiness, success in all pursuits, good times with family and friends, belly laughs and the fairground ride.....if our year is an enjoyable as this two quid carousel ride....then we're in for a good one.


ps. we found this beautiful carousel in the middle of Kew Gardens


  1. I love your photos and your blog so I am very glad that you share your life on here. xoxo

  2. Happy new year! wishing you a fantastic 2012 x


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