Monday, 30 January 2012

jan, 30th - tulle and lace....

day 698:

and here is the result of my Sunday.....cream tulle found in the fantastic Berwick Street in London and lace bought from this local fair.......

Limi wasn't convinced by all the tulle until i told her that it was her Alice-in-Wonderland skirt to wear to a birthday party on Sunday afternoon......

now if only i could find some vintage circus costumes to throw into the dress-up box....


  1. Oh my, clever you, I love it ..... vintage circus costumes, how great would that be !!!

  2. I can't tell you how much I enjoy looking at your blog! It's really one of my absolute favorites. Limi is just totally divine. She's beyond cute and it's always so nice to see the fun you have together.
    Anyway, talking of circus's have you heard of Giffords?
    Check it out. I think you might like it.It's not entirely directed towards children, but it's meant to be totally magical.

  3. aah louise, you always keep me in the know. thanks for such a lovely comment. i always have a grin when i see a comment from you and mandy and of course i read both your blogs religiously. do you think that Limi would like a Giffords Wagon for her birthday? great would that be :)

  4. That has got to be one of the most beautiful skirts for a dress up as well as generally. I can only imagine how gorgeous the party on Sunday will be. You have beautiful style!

  5. wishing Limi many happy twirls in that beautiful skirt! i found a vintage clown costume, but it's almost big enough for me...hanging onto it just in case she still wants to play dress up when she's oh, about thirteen :)


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