Monday, 23 January 2012

jan, 23rd - granny smith....

day 691:

i'm really so over being ill this Winter. anyone have any ideas? we seem to have a germ carousel in the house that keeps passing the sickness around. i long for some serious heat to burn these coughs away. until then, we're living on the 'apple a day' promise.....


  1. Que fotos lindas!

  2. With naturopathic parents, I'm always being advised to keep my immune system boosted and healthy through winter with cod liver oil and a good probiotic. I give my daughter (who's 2) a probiotic everyday and she's been really quite healthy. Limi actually reminds me a little of my daughter! (Which means she must be really cute, because Limi's gorgeous!) Kellie xx

  3. sorry to tell you, it's part of being a touch-everything, immune system developing toddler- and sadly since she loves to kiss her mummy and daddy you get to share in the germs too. hope the apples work!! x

  4. Maybe add an orange to the apple a day as the vitamin C is supposed to help your immune system--although I am not sure if that is just what my mum said to make sure we ate more fruit.

    Hope you are all better soon.


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