Friday, 6 January 2012

jan, 6th - annie & tj's wedding: part II....

day 674:

after the chapel service {see day 673}, the tractors ferried everyone back up to the reception at the main house. as we strolled in through the gate, we were met with bottles of refreshing, homemade lemonade to sip on. loved the stripey straws. the marquee was set up in the garden with long, communal trestle tables and a dancefloor for some dancing under the stars later on.....

after helping ourselves to a wonderful spread of anti-pasta and drinks from the wheelbarrows, friends settled into groups under trees, on the grass, feet dangling in the pool or slouching on couches to catch up on each others' news and lives.

the lunch that followed, was a feast of delicious platters and bowls that were passed and shared; brilliant speeches (really brilliant speeches) and getting to know those around us.

then came the barefoot looked like it was going to go on long into the night but we scampered off at around ten o'clock to relieve godmother, Loula, from her babysitting duties.

a glorious day. thank you annie, tj and your families.

and for those who may have lost their way getting home, there was always the helpful signage......

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  1. Wow what a gorgeous wedding--Ilove al the deailts particularly those striped straws.


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