Sunday, 11 March 2012

mar, 11th - indigo pearl....

day 764:

the beautiful Indigo Pearl hotel in Phuket. built on the site of an old tin mine, its history has inspired and given credibility to the raw, industrial finish. i love this place. the attention to detail completely blows me away......

one of the restaurants has incredible cocoon, leather chairs, metal columns and industrial lights and even the pool chairs have detailed wood finishes and metal hard-wearing mesh seats.

hidden away, is a moody, pool bar with slow moving wicker fans. i am always tempted to some spend time in here and get completely distracted by the vast collection displayed on shelves behind the barman......

it's so inspiring to come across a big hotel that has taken the time to dress itself up in the disguise of a unique and creative boutique hotel. i wish that there were more of its kind.

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  1. Looks amazing--will have to remember it fr when we eventually make it to Phuket.


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