Sunday, 25 March 2012

mar, 25th - weekend ritual....

day 779:

my mum is visiting and we made it back to this place today. Limi had her weekend ritual of babycinno and weekend toast (a croissant). she's a big fan.

the breakfast was a good as last week......i did warn you. and walking back through the streets, we were showered with spring blossom petals.....could this sunny weather be here to stay?

i hope your weekend was just as lovely. x

[this look is purely, 'why do you still have that camera in my face?']


  1. I love these shots sooooo much Dee, not to mention that collar and those shoes .... Limi just gets cuter and cuter ..... enjoy your time with your mum, how lovely for you X

  2. Tres sophisticated with her babychino, croissant and patent mary-jane's! Too cute Limi! xx


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