Thursday, 8 March 2012

mar, 8th - the vintage harley driving artists....

day 761:

my sister and her husband built their holiday home from the beach sand up. they used local builders and found Thai artisans to carve their wooden doors, create oversize plant pots and make stone carvings for the pool. as sisters, we both love attention to detail and taking time to find the special and the unusual .....this house has local, interesting input everywhere you look.

one of the most beautiful elements, is the seated Buddha who greets you as you enter. he was created by a group of local, vintage-harley-driving sculptors.....i think that i may have a bit of a crush on them....

we went to their studio to see some more of their work. incredible work. i would love to spend some time in this studio learning their techniques......what a great apprenticeship that would be....island living and hands covered in clay. maybe one day.

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