Tuesday, 20 March 2012

mar, 20th - those cupcakes....

day 774:

i'm pretty proud of how these cupcakes turned out.....my sister whipped up a batch of cupcakes (she has these whipping-up skills) and we practised our new techniques based on what we learnt on this afternoon course, using a wilton icing recipe.

we mixed our own colours and both fell in love with the grey......so, what's the verdict? cool or seaweed?

i'm going to keep practising and hope that i can become an expert by the time Limi can remember her childhood cupcakes.....it's surprisingly relaxing.


  1. Oh Wow! These are amazing!! Good work! I love the grey too, especially in that sweet cupcake case. What tools are required to ice babies like these?

  2. They are amazing--wish I was that good.

    And it doesn't remind me of seaweed at all :)


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