Sunday, 18 March 2012

mar, 18th - the weekend, part I....

day 772:

our weekend was a fairly lazy one.......rain, followed by a beautiful, sunlit Sunday morning and then, once we had left the house dressed for Spring....more rain and plenty of shivering by A and i. we even sported matching swaddle-blanket scarves for a bit.....

what the weather lacked in warmth, we found in two places that we tried over the weekend. friendly, relaxed service used to be something of a rarity in London but these two places prove that London has moved on alot since the early Noughties.

on Saturday, after wandering around Notting Hill, we decided to try the Portobello version of Pizza East (there's also one in Shoreditch). we walked out of the drizzle outside and into the rough, warehouse style downstairs, filled with a buzzy, happy crowd and in the background blazing pizza ovens. 

i'm always a little self conscious about descending on a restaurant with a toddler and a big, space-sucking buggy but the staff here are fantastic. everyone was warm, welcoming, ready to chat and even help Limi with her requests for her own knife (a new obsession), her own small glass, her own babycinno (notice a theme?) ....and the food.....amazing wood fired treats. it completely sated my current craving for mac 'n cheese and A.'s constant craving for pizza.....we tried the veal meatball, sage and cream pizza and a fresh, basil rich margherita for Limi....both delicious.

with so many wonderful places in London, the test of a good restaurant is whether you're willing to travel to revisit somewhere. we'll definitely make the effort to come back to Pizza East. 


  1. I can't believe you were there. We were there on both Friday and Sunday for breakfast! (If you go there for breakfast you have to try the green eggs!) We were also there last week for dinner. The meatball pizza is divine isn't it? It's such a nice place you're right, the staff are really lovely. So sweet to see Limi there.

  2. I'm loving Limi's little strut in the second photo ... looks like a great place, great staff are gold !!!

  3. I will have to try it out next time I am in Notting Hill. And wasn't the weather a bit grim at the weekend, talk about false hope :)

  4. Love that look drinking from the glass,beautiful


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