Friday, 9 March 2012

mar, 9th - swimming and snow-men....

day 762:

if I asked Limi what she wanted to do after breakfast in Phuket, I would get the same answer every day 'swim swim and eat a snowman'.......a snowman is the name that she gave the upside down cone ice-cream that she had on the very first morning she even woke up and her first word was 'snowman' must have been a good dream.....

it was amazing to see how confident she became in the water being able to swim every day.....she's really loved her swimming lessons from four months and just keeps getting better and better in London {this underwater shoot shows just how comfortable she is} but there's something different about being able to swim outside for hours on end, only stopping to have some lunch and play in the shade during midday.

as for trying to keep hats on, sunscreen applied every 45 minutes and stopping a toddler from launching themselves confidently into the deep end.....that's a different kind of beach holiday to one spent lounging in the sun reading a book.......i appreciate now why my dad would get us to bury him in the kept us entertained and he could lie and read a book at the same time.


  1. how fun!! great pictures, looks like a wondeful trip with your family :)

    so cute that she calls the ice cream a "snowman"!

  2. Looks like you are having an amazing time--and these photos are to die for, limi looks so cute!

  3. "snowman and swimming", sounds like the perfect trip. hope she wouln'd miss this all when you're at home again :-(.

    Have a good time in Thailand! <3

  4. I want to come swimming and eat snowmen too !!!
    Beautiful pics Dee, loving that last shot X


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