Thursday, 1 March 2012

mar, 1st - hong kong lanes....

day 754:

while Limi spent some time with her previous nanny, Jae, who is now teaching in Hong Kong....i had some time to wander some of my favourite streets and market lanes in Central.....
if you're vegetarian, look away now, Hong Kong windows are not for the meat-squeamish......but still completely fascinating in my opinion....

i've never likes towns that feel like they've turned into tourist versions of Hong Kong, you still get the grit and soul of the place and evidence everywhere of real people living and working.....


  1. I love all the chinese writing everywhere--that sounds dumb right. But it is like a totally different culture that I would love to explore

  2. I am so enjoying your Hong Kong pics Dee, you capture everything perfectly !!!

  3. Beautiful! I've never been to Hong Kong but my best friend grew up there.
    I'm just wondering what area you live in in London? Random question I know, but my little family ( and I are thinking of possibly moving there, but we only know people in central london which is most likely just a crazy place for a little family? I remembered that you lived in London so I thought maybe you'd have some insight into good places for young families!


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