Wednesday, 13 June 2012

jun, 11th - village life....

day 856:

the village that we visit in Umbria, Italy is tiny. from the air it is shaped like a heart. on the ground, it is made up of tiny paved streets and a piazza with a breathtaking view across the valley. we've been visiting this village for eight years (and sadly my Italian still hasn't progressed much in that time) and part of our morning ritual has become to stroll up to the piazza to have our coffee and pastry. we sit at the simple tables looking out over the green landscape and feeling a million miles away from our lives in London. it was incredibly special to see Limi enjoying it just as much on this trip.


  1. Gorgeous! I've just ordered very similar mary-jane shoes for Lalie from Caramel! Love! x

  2. How beautiful .... and I adore your sisters home so much,
    You have already reminded me of someone Dee and now I know who ... Poppy Delevinge, I saw her in an English magazine yesterday, and it just clicked !!!

  3. Oh this pretty look!Hurry, hurry back to Italy this summer.


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