Monday, 18 June 2012

jun, 17th - father's day...

day 860:

happy father's day to all the dads out there. in Limi's case she calls it 'happy dadda day'.

we spent the weekend in Somerset with my sister and niece.....visiting some favourite new haunts {see day 821 and day 823} and finding brand new gems (more to show you this week).

Sunday morning was all about celebrating father's day with croissants from this bakery, local strawberry jam and mugs of coffee. the beautiful garden of our holiday cottage had a complete English country-garden feel....even after all these years in London, i've never lost the sense of romance around the English countryside after reading so many books about headges, lemonade, mittens and honeysuckle as a child.


  1. great pics of Limi and A! I love Limi's curls x

    1. Great pics indeed, so glad i found this, it's inspiring to see fathers being fathers

  2. i like these photos, very candid, you should checkout and support forFATHERS project™



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