Monday, 4 June 2012

jun, 4th - diamond jubilee street party....

[on our way to the Jubilee street party]

day 848:

we snuck away for a few days before the Jubilee weekend to visit my mum in Italy (more on that later in the week) but still managed to get back in time to enjoy some of the Diamond Jubilee festivities......

on Monday, we wandered down to our local street party to enjoy live music and produce from the wonderful butcher.....Limi loved every second and kept on making us laugh by shouting 'i'm soooo happy' throughout the day (i think that she may have inherited my love of a good celebration...especially in dress-up).

even though the weather was a bit damp and the organisation a bit haphazard, A. summed it up by saying: 'the English do know how to do charmingly shambolic better than any nation'.....

heading home....still waving those flags.

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  1. These are so adorable - I've been viewing friends' piccies from different parts of London and have to say that the street parties look so wonderful!


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