Sunday, 24 June 2012

jun, 24th - felix....

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day 867:

after a happy weekend catching up with are some pics of a very happy, pig balloon that A. brought back for Limi, from New York {see day 840}. we named him Felix and Limi absolutely adores him. he hovers perfectly just above the ground and she can lead him around the house. it seems that you can also buy them locally from here. they also sell cows, chickens and ducks. wouldn't they make the best party favours especially if you could fill them with helium and have kids 'walk' them home.


  1. £17.00 party favours!!?

  2. yes Cat, that is the only glitch :) I was really ignoring that part. I think it's more likely that i would end up sticking my own paper ears and legs onto a pink balloon! but in an ideal world, these would make amazing farmyard party favours :)

    1. Oh wouldn't they just. I can just see the line of gigglers walking their pets home :)


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