Tuesday, 5 June 2012

jun, 5th - jubilations at home....

day 849:

since we missed most of the Jubilee weekend, i thought it would be good to bring some of the festivities into our living room for the week so that we could celebrate in our own way. i constructed some cream and navy paper chains (very therapeutic) that i bought online from here, included some of heir distressed union jack flags and created my own bunting from some Jubilee doilies.....

it makes me smile every time i come into the room......although, i'm always keen on a bit of ceiling drapery {see day 363 and day 384}.


  1. You are so clever Dee .... I adore the shots in the previous post so much too,
    I'm not really that much of a Royal Family person but this Jubilee has been such an exciting event, I think just seeing all you Londoners partying and celebrating has been the best part ..... what a great time to be in your wonderful city !!!

  2. I love those shutters! Beautiful. Just found your blog - will definitely be back for more, your photos are just stunning.

  3. definitely melissa, they make me smile!

    thanks mandy :), London is so alive at the moment and full of joy, it's a great time to be here.

    lottie, welcome and thanks so much. we were so glad that we went with the shutters in the end and spent more on good sturdy versions especially after Limi arrived and started using them as her cubby house.


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