Thursday, 28 June 2012

jun, 28th - studio in umbria....

day 870:

our good friend, Lucy MacGillis, is an American artist living in the area of Umbria that we frequently visit {see day 856}. she's just finished renovating her home which includes the perfect studio with a view over the valley....

the rest of Lucy's home has just as much atmosphere. she painted all her walls herself in tones of white and grey. the raw cement work surfaces in the kitchen, beautiful original beams and rustic doors all have me swooning. she's done an amazing job.

outside is just as lovely.

to see Lucy's work, you can view her portfolio here.


  1. totally love the photos. I've been in umbria twice and everytime i look through the photos i am just soo happy!

  2. How lovely ... what a great place, off to have a look at her work !!!

  3. oh my god! that´s so beautiful. I want to live there.


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