Thursday, 7 June 2012

jun, 7th - garden of disorientation...

day 850:

A. plays cricket with a fantastic bunch of people. not only does it mean that he gets to play in some of the most gorgeous spots in England {see day 152 and day 507} which gives us a chance to see parts of the country that we never would otherwise but they also have very interesting lives off the pitch.....

a couple from cricket are taking part in a new movement which has started this year, the Chelsea Fringe. as an alternative to the infamous Chelsea Flower Show, the fringe is run entirely by volunteers and will be on for three weeks. it is all about the accessibility of gardening with a quirky, anything goes as long as it has something to do with gardening, attitude. it's a wonderful opportunity for up-and-coming gardeners or even those interested in creating an art installation around a gardening theme......

our friends have created The Garden of Disorientation in an old meat packing space in the middle of vibrant Clerkenwell. sandwiched between a two trendy restaurants and the railway line, the space is raw and beautiful. the theme of the installation is mint which has been crammed into old crates, tumbles down walls with jasmine and even features in a living mobile. 

as you step into the space, the scent is heavenly. a rustic mojito bar has been set up in one corner and there's space to sit and enjoy live's a brilliant idea and in this space, beautifully realised. 

to see other projects by this dynamic couple, take a look at this website.

here are some other Chelsea Fringe events that caught my eye:


  1. Wow, that is so beautiful and amazing! It sounds like it would be tons of fun! Your pictures say a million words about the garden! Love it!

  2. How wonderful ... very clever friends indeed !!!

  3. Absolutely STUNNING. Love it. And can't believe I have totally missed out on the fringe (indeed, the whole of the show). Next year is a must.


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