Friday, 18 January 2013

jan, 18th - another visit to the market....

day 1068 / 167:

while there are flurries of snow outside...actual flurries, i am still reliving the last couple of weeks of our holiday in Asia....there are still so many photos that i'd like to share with you of our time out there....i'll try and mix them up with some usual posting on life back here.....and hopefully it won't be odd to jump between sand and snow......swimming and sleighing......

whenever we spend time at my sister's home in Thailand {see day 794}, we visit the local fresh food market at least once {see our last visit on day 766}. i love that it's not at all touristy but a real market for people who live and work in the also sells the hottest curry pastes i have ever tasted....they are in a league of their own.


there are cafes dotted around the edge of the market that service the market workers. i'd be very keen to try one as they must have some of the freshest ingredients around.....

A and i both love to cook asian food so it's always exciting to go and touch and smell some homegrown ingredients.

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  1. Really Dee I know I say it all the time but your photographs are just PERFECTION !!!


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