Friday, 4 January 2013

jan, 4th - boxing day....

day 1054 / 153:

okay, i need to move on.....i feel like i'm stuck in 2012 and this year is already motoring along.
so here are the last of the Christmas photos...for now.....

on Boxing Day, we wore our Christmas Day hats. they were meant for Christmas Day lunch but we didn't quite manage to get them done in time so we decided to dress up on Boxing Day instead (any excuse really). my sister is incredibly talented when it comes to hat making so these were made from scratch.....each petal was hand shaped and stitched. i wanted to capture more of the creative process but we were on a tight deadline. under her tutelage, i made Limi's which is why the flowers are not quite the right shape....definitely need a bit more practise....although, Limi didn't seem to mind notice.

i love the below series....a new dress for Christmas and Boxing Day hat....

and this pic, which looks like we have stepped out of a Victorian portrait....

and this final pic which is of Limi with her cousin. it would be sweet if i didn't know for a fact that she had his arm in a vice-like grip and wouldn't let go.....she adores her cousins and they, as you can tell from his face, are extremely accommodating with her.


  1. Oh my you are one talented (gorgeous) family ... love that 3rd shot of Limi, it looks like she is strutting down the catwalk !!!

  2. amazing pics, as usual!!!

  3. What a joy! These are the most beautiful and charming pictures of your amazing family. Only you can capture things with so much magic. Congratulations. Such talent!

  4. your world is so beautiful and I (among many!)am always looking forward to all the snippets of it you share here!
    Wishing you and your lovelies a wonderful 2013!

  5. Wonderful pics,belle année!

  6. So beautiful deedil. Heaven on earth for you and Nik. And all four gorgeous kids growing up so beautifully. Looks blissful. Happy Christmas and 2013. Loula xx

  7. absolutely stunning. love love love.

  8. wouahhhh so so amaizing! photos, portraits and extraordinary flowers!
    I would love to make such beautiful pictures ...and styling.


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