Wednesday, 23 January 2013

jan, 23rd - rock pools....

day 1072 / 171:

as a child, growing up near the coast, i remember being utterly fascinated by rock pools. i would spend hours trying to catch teeny tiny fish, putting them into a glass jar and then 'releasing' them back into the wild again.

while we were away, one of Limi's favourite things to go down the beach to some rock pools. she charmed the local fishmen who launch their boats from there and they even gave her a gift of a squid (or 'squod' as she called it). if fact she was more excited by her 'squod', that she proudly carried back, than by the calamari it was turned into for lunch. on another day there was a local kids party happening on a beach and we managed to join in for a bit......

on all our visits to the rock pools, we didn't manage to capture any fish (which may have been due to using the world's smallest fishing net) but we did get to spend time completely absorbed in staring at pools of water looking for any darting movement and reliving our own childhoods all over again. 

safe to say, the magic of rock pools hasn't faded over time.....


  1. Beautiful photos and storytelling, as always. Just wanted to pop in and say how much I enjoy your blog! :-)

  2. Loving your blog. Your photography is beautiful!

  3. Your blog is a fantastic travel !


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