Saturday, 26 January 2013

jan, 26th - the china club....

day 1075 / 174:

if The China Club was a person, it would be an artist from 1930s Shanghai who has been heavily influenced by trips to England, France and Italy (and has a wealthy patron). it's a person I could happily spend hours with.....

the club is members only and located in the old Bank of China building in Central, Hong Kong. i had a delicious lunch there when I was visiting before Christmas. the homegrown art that is almost as prolific as wallpaper on the walls, is worth a visit alone. the club has a maze of rooms: a main dining room, the Long March Bar, private rooms where cards and mah-jong are played, a library and a roof terrace with stunning views over the city.

 if i was a local and lucky enough to be a member of The China Club, it's where I would escape to for a dose of Chinese aesthetic, mouthfuls of incredible dim sum and comforting wrap-you-in-a-blanket service. it's a lovely, lovely place.

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