Tuesday, 8 January 2013

jan, 8th - 2013...

day 1058 / 157:

we love this sign that we found in Thailand.....

it got me thinking......it seems easier to be unhappy rather than happy these days. you ask someone how they are and they will readily tell you that they're stressed, tired, overworked, run ragged, unfit, unhealthy.....but very seldom will they say: 'you know what, i'm happy'......maybe very people are. there are certainly things that i would change about my life and definitely two children under three is tricky (very) at times......but i think that if most of us stopped to look at our lives we would realise that we are more happy than unhappy.......
and if not......here's hoping that all you have to do is drive straight for three kilometers and you will find it.

let's make this year a cracker.


  1. arwww. have you been to the happy place?

    and i totally agree. everybody finds something bad in his/her life, but life is sooo good!


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