Monday, 21 January 2013

jan, 21st - 3/52....

day 1070 / 169:

Claya: let me show you how i roll
Limi: her giggle always makes me giggle

two more for the 52 Project......(thank you Jodi for including me in 3/52.....super chuffed.)

p.s. these were take while we were next week, it's back to wrapped up London images...(unless we crank up the heating inside to tropical temperatures...which is very tempting)


  1. i like that you recently updated your story - it's nice to hear a little more about you. I think it really shows that you have a fine arts degree. Your pictures are next level. x

  2. Beautiful photos. Claya has the most adorable eyes and the photo of Limi giggling brought a smile. Gorgeous.

  3. beautiful photos.

    found you through 52 photos. lovely blog.

  4. Beautiful photos I can only dream of this skill....

  5. you are a great photographer!!I just want to pin everything!!


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