Sunday, 20 January 2013

jan, 20th - flurries in the park....

 day 1069 / 168:

oh what a difference a week (and two days) makes.......with flurries of snow all over London, we headed to the park over the weekend to build snowmen and have snowball fights. i can't say that our childhoods in the Southern Hemisphere taught us much about building snowmen....our attempts were feeble. so instead, we did a tour of the park, meeting and greeting other people's masterpieces. we'll need to get practising so that we can build the 'family of snow-people' that Limi requested.

and afterwards, we retreated for hot chocolate and marshmallows.....

we are still in awe of snow and happy that we now have a good excuse to go and act like children in the park......that's what a childhood of snow-deprivation will do to you.

i hope that your weekend was just as magical. x

p.s. Limi was fascinated by the bird prints in the snow and later, at bedtime, told A. that because it was snowing outside maybe we could go out and build them a house so that they didn't have to be in the snow.....and, we could also give them big shoes.


  1. Absolutely beautiful D. Limi looks like she is lost in a day dream. Magical shots, especially the last one. X

  2. amazing! you should go to somewhere with way more snow... guess limi would love it!!

  3. From beach bunny to snow bunny ... too much fun !!!
    beautiful shots Dee XXX


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