Tuesday, 12 March 2013

mar, 12th - love....

day 1119 / 218:

can you spot the tugboat on top of the building on the right? it's another one of the amazing Living Architecture spaces that you can stay in overnight {see day 808 and day 949/ 48 for two of the other properties that we've tried}..... 

last month, was our anniversary and we celebrated by spending one night (minus the girls) in this tugboat with the most incredible views of London.....there are many more pics to share.....it was a fantastically London night. we started with drinks overlooking the Thames, dinner at a wonderful spot in Covent Garden, a stroll home across the bridge and a 'hotel room' unlike anything I've experienced but my most vivid memory was of waking up at six am with light rain outside, an early dawn light and sitting up in bed to take in the panoramic view of some of London's most iconic structures.....not to mention the trail of headlights from red buses criss-crossing the bridge.....i can't wait to share more pics.

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  1. I love that you stay in these places ... so so great !!!


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