Tuesday, 26 March 2013

mar, 26th - our weekend....

day 1133 / 232:

family and good friends....we miss them when we are all so spread out across the globe....last weekend we were lucky to have them both in town. 

the pic above, is Limi with my brother, Shels. she still calls him 'Yay Shels' because we always used to say 'Yay, it's Shels' when he called. it was the first time that he had met Claya, so it was a special time for all of us.

we also had some fantastic friends in town who are Limi's godparents {see......she loves the concept of a god-mama and god-dadda.....and she had a ball with these guys who were so patient with her demands to play hide-n-seek, visit the garden, show them the small details in the Shoebox and watch their daughter doing ballet over and over again on the phone.....

we feel quite bereft now that they've all gone.

p.s. we had lunch at a favourite {see day 518}


  1. gosh, what beautiful stories your images tell. you are so very talented! Love your photographs. xo

  2. lovely photos Dee- must have been terrific to see everyone and share special times with the girls x

  3. How lovely ... I love how Limi is looking at her uncle in that first shot, too adorable !!!


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