Saturday, 9 March 2013

mar, 9th - conversations with a three year old....

day 1117 / 216:

surprises for Mother's Day......

Limi [with huge excitement all over her face]: "mama, we bought you a present today."
me: "did you! what is it?"
Limi [with a bit of concern on her face]: "i can't tell you."
[we've had numerous discussions about the fact that she must always tell me if someone says that it's a secret]
Limi: "are surprises good?"
me: "yes sweets, surprises are good."
Limi [with a naughty grin]: "then it's a surprise."
[.....a few seconds later]
Limi: "it's for the couch."
[.....a few seconds later]
Limi: "but i can't tell you."
[.....a few seconds later]
Limi [with a very wide grin and almost bursting out of her skin]: "because it's a surprise."

p.s she also made me a Mother's Day card at school that she said they had been told to keep until Sunday but she gave it to me on Friday night.....she was too excited and after hiding it under her bed, asked whether i wanted to see it.....she's going to be no good at surprises this one :)


  1. love that! little kids and secrets are quite the funny scene :)

  2. Hello, I've been following your blog for a long while now. I found it by chance and as someone who loves photography (as a hobby). I was attracted to your photo aesthetics. I hardly ever post comments despite the fact that I follow so many blogs but today after reading your conversation with your daughter, (which brought me a big smile to my face), I realized that after such a long while I've actually (through photos) followed the life of this little person who is becoming a little girl with the cutest of personality and suddenly I had to write and say thank you for sharing.

    Carolina (all the way from NY via Spain)

  3. That is the cutest. Three is such a fun age and your Limi seems like a sweet thing!

  4. :))) just so sweet.


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